Loma Linda

Authored by: Grace W.

GPA and MCAT and Undergraduate University cGPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 32, 33 Undergrad– Public State

Major Music

Worst semester GPA and what were your classes that semester? First semester Sophomore year… I think I had like a 2.3 or something because I got an F in econ. But in general undergrad was just not good (cGPA 3.3)

How many medical schools did you apply to? 31: 29 MD 2 DO

How many and which medical schools did you receive an interview at? 9 MD: Georgetown, Loyola, Boston, Loma Linda, Rochester, Temple, UC Irvine, Miami Miller, Cal Northstate 2 DO: Western COMP, Touro CA

What schools were you accepted to and how did you decide which one to attend? 2 DO: Western COMP, Touro CA 2 MD: Loyola, Loma Linda

So far…I’m probably going to Loma Linda, because I really want to stay in state. If I get off the wait-list for Miami or UCI though, it’ll be a hard decision. At this point, I’ve pretty much withdrawn from all other schools and didn’t go to the Rochester or Temple interview

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