Authored by: Chris M.

  1. GPA and MCAT and Undergraduate University
  2. Major
  3. worst semester GPA and what were your classes that semester?
  4. how many medical schools did you apply to?
  5. how many and which medical schools did you receive an interview at?
  6. what schools were you accepted to and how did you decide which one to attend?

Disclaimer: I got accepted to 3 D.O. schools and didnt apply M.D.

  1. 3.4 composite, 3.5 science, 29 on the old MCAT (10P/9V/10B) Michigan State University
  2. Zoology
  3. 3.1, a bunch of political science classes when I was pre-law as a sophomore
  4. About 18 D.O. schools
  5. I interviewed at Marian, MSUCOM, Western U Pomona, Western U Lebanon, AT Stills – Arizona
  6. I was accepted at all I applied for except Marian. Was waitlisted. I chose MSUCOM because it’s pretty cheap comparatively and I know the school very well because it was my undergraduate institution.

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