Texas Medical Schools

Authored by: Anonymous


  1. GPA and MCAT and Undergraduate University
  2. Major
  3. worst semester GPA and what were your classes that semester?
  4. how many medical schools did you apply to?
  5. how many and which medical schools did you receive an interview at?
  6. what schools were you accepted to and how did you decide which one to attend?


  1. uGPA 3.2 (4.0 in grad school, non-SMP), MCAT 1: 35, MCAT 2: 38, state school in Texas
  2. Biomedical engineering (both undergrad and grad)
  3. 2.0 with heavy engineering classes + electives in League of Legends and World of Warcraft
  4. 10 through TMDSAS, 13 through AMCAS (6 AMCAS secondaries completed)
  5. 4 interviews (all Texas)
  6. 1 so far

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