Using Anki To Study

Authored by: Cameron L.

Download Anki from here:

Watch a couple youtube tutorials to get the gist of how to use it effectively and efficiently and what the different card types are (eg. how a cloze deletion differs from a standard card).

Take notes in class (My profs generally post powerpoint slides so I type up everything they say in the “notes” section) and then go through those notes/slides turning them into anki cards as I work through the powerpoint.

Now all you have to do is review the Anki cards until you remember them!

Note: I would advise against using pre-made anki cards since the context you’ll get from actually making the cards help in the long run. I find that making the card allows me to get a broad understanding of the biological system I’m looking at and then reviewing the anki cards actually helps me remember the detailed information.level 2

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