Read This If You Have No Hope Of Getting Into Medical School

Authored by: Christian W.

Major/graduate degrees: B.S Neuroscience

Cumulative GPA: 3.04 Science GPA: 2.7

MCAT Scores (in order of attempts): 507 (126,126,128,127)

First application cycle? (If no, how many other times have you applied): Yes

Gap years: None

Country/state of residence: Ohio

Primary application submission date: June 7th

Primary verification date: June 21st

Number of schools to which you sent primaries (List schools if desired): 28 all MD

Number of schools to which you completed secondaries: 22

Number of interview invitations received/attended: 6

First Interview Invite Received: August 21st

Total number of post-interview acceptances: 2

Total number of post-interview waitlists/rejections: 1(rejection), 2 (waitlisted), 1 postbac offer

First Acceptance received: October 18th

Research/pubs: 1.5 years of research/ no pubs

Clinical experience: Works as a PCA for people with physical disabilites

Volunteering (clinical): 100 hrs of hospital volunteering

Physician shadowing: 50 hrs of shadowing some physicans at the university hospital

Non-clinical volunteering: 200 hrs various stuff around the community as well as a service trip during spring break one year

Extracurricular activities: Fraternity, some clubs on campus

Employment history: Resident Advisor:2 years, Research Assitant: 1.5 years, PCA: 1 year

Specialty of interest: EM, Surgery, Neurology/Psychiatry

Interest in rural health/working with under-served populations?: Yes to underserved communties

URM?: Yes

General thoughts: This process honestly is a dumpster fire. I know people with significantly better stats that didn’t even get interviews. The best way to think about it is to consider this Russian Roulette. Some advice I would give is to first, try to apply early if possible. Also if you can pre-write secondary, part of the reason why I didn’t apply to every school I sent primaries too was because I ran out of time (I had job training in August so I didn’t have time to do any during that time since after that school started).

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