3.3 GPA… Accepted To A Top 10 Medical School

Authored by: Spencer L.

3.3 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA. 509 MCAT, complete late August. Accepted to top 10 MD school.


Graduated college with a 3.0, withdrew from O-chem 5 times among many other poor marks. Gave up on med school and joined military.

Gained great EC’s in the service. Decided to give med school one last shot. After the military spent a year finishing prereqs at Community College with a 3.97. Studied 6 weeks for MCAT.

Applied: 10 MD, 6 DO

II: 3 MD, 4 DO

Attended: 2 MD, 3 DO

Accepted: 2 MD, 3 DO

A low GPA isn’t a kiss of death. Make yourself stand out in other ways. Good EC’s inform your essays and give you a range of experience to draw from during interviews. Upward trends and strong instructor LOR can wipe away even 5 O-Chem retakes.

Stay persistent, keep it together and you can make it.

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