506 MCAT and 3/3 Medical School Acceptances

Authored by: David Y.

Major/graduate degree: non CS engineering (trying to be vague)

Cumulative GPA: 3.1-3.3

Science GPA: 3.0-3.2

MCAT Scores (in order of attempts): Took it once, pretty good B/B section, lowish CARS. 504-506

First application cycle?: Yup

Gap years: 1 (applied after undergrad)

Country/state of residence: CA

Primary application submission date: Aug 15-20 (only AACOMAS)

Primary verification date: Maybe a week later?

Number of schools to which you sent primaries (List schools if desired): 32. Pretty much every DO school, except the ones which I knew I would get auto-screened out of.

Number of schools to which you completed secondaries: 31 (One school didn’t give me one)

Number of interview invitations received/attended: Received 5, attended 3.

First Interview Invite Received: Can’t remember, but it was about a month after secondaries were submitted which were done the first week of August.

Total number of post-interview acceptances: 3 for 3 yo! (I didn’t go to two interviews)

Total number of post-interview waitlists/rejections: none 🙂

First Acceptance received: Late October

Research/pubs: Worked in two labs, one engineering, one soft clinical, no pubs. ~200hr total?

Volunteering/Clinicals: Shadowed a DO ~30hr’s. Founder of an organization at school, volunteered at local free clinic.

Specialty of interest: none in particular, gas/rads/em seem dope tho.

Interest in rural health/working with under-served populations?: I mean, does anyone say no to this unless they’re at the ivy’s?

URM?: nope. Anti-URM if anything

General thoughts: Your personal story and LoRs matter a bit more than this sub gives credit for, at least for me they did as I got accepted at a school I have no business going to. Also, apply early for god’s sake. Also, I calculated the total cost of my application and it ended be $3410.03 so RIP wallet (plus an additional $600 for interviews).

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