The Daily Schedule Of A Neurosurgeon

Authored by: Sherry R.

4:30am – Alarm

5:15am – Leave for work

5:30am – Arrive at work

5:30am – Start rounding

6:50am – Meet pre-op patient answer questions etc.

7:00am – M&M (or some other business meeting etc.)

7:45am – OR for first case

10:00am – Out of OR from first case, finish up any rounding, grab a quick bite, meet next pre-op patient

10:40am – OR for 2nd case

12:30pm – Finish 2nd case, return phone calls, see clinic patients who had to be seen

1:00pm – Start 3rd case

4:00pm – Finish 3rd case and finish up phone calls, e-mails, any patients who need to be seen, check on anyone I’m worried about

5:30pm – Go home

5:45pm – Arrive, home

5:50pm – Get called by the ED for a consult

6:00pm – Leave house

6:15pm – Arrive at work and see patient in the ED

6:30pm – Decide patient needs to go the OR, call anesthesia and scheduling desk. Wait, look at tomorrows cases.

7:30pm – Start on-call case

9:30pm – Leave OR, take care of any interim issues

10:10pm – Go home

10:30pm – Arrive home, eat quick dinner, bed.

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