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Newly developed exosome spray promotes myocardial tissue regeneration

In the post-injury heart, a newly developed exosome spray (EXOS) improved cardiac function, reduced fibrosis, and boosted endogenous myocardial tissue regeneration. Cardiac regenerative medicine has the ability to heal damaged

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Researchers develop first-of-its-kind sensor that allows prosthetic hands to ‘feel’

Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science created photolithographically manufactured, highly robust liquid metal tactile sensors (LMS) and successfully incorporated them into a prosthetic hand’s fingertips,

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Artificial intelligence developed that finds disease targets and predicts a drug’s chances of FDA approval

Researchers have developed a new method of looking for disease targets using artificial intelligence, which then forecasts whether or not a treatment will be authorized by the FDA. In its

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Researchers develop implant that restores tactile sensation to damaged nerves

The novel device is an implant that turns touch into voltage, which is transmitted to healthy sensory nerves in accordance to the amount of pressure given to the device. (Photo

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New technology assesses diabetes risk by measuring fat around heart

The AI software can effectively recognize the amount of fat surrounding the heart in MRI images, as well as assess a patient’s diabetes risk, according to the researchers. A team

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Researchers use fMRI to reveal brain region involved in extraordinary memory of ‘superagers’

While the participants were in the scanner, the researchers focused their attention on the visual cortex, the portion of the brain that processes what you see and is particularly sensitive