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New technology assesses diabetes risk by measuring fat around heart

The AI software can effectively recognize the amount of fat surrounding the heart in MRI images, as well as assess a patient’s diabetes risk, according to the researchers. A team

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Researchers use fMRI to reveal brain region involved in extraordinary memory of ‘superagers’

While the participants were in the scanner, the researchers focused their attention on the visual cortex, the portion of the brain that processes what you see and is particularly sensitive

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New technology can diagnose bacterial infections in minutes

The new technology utilizes a microchip which analyzes a droplet of bodily fluid such as blood, urine, or saliva using chemicals that may determine the specific protein signature of an

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Researchers develop urine test capable of early detection of brain tumors with 97% accuracy

Researchers from Nagoya University discovered that microRNAs in urine might be a useful biomarker for diagnosing brain cancers in a recent study. Their findings, which were published in the journal

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Researchers show brain states can be controlled using light

This novel chemically constructed tool enables researchers to use direct light to induce and examine the transitions of the brain from sleep to awake-like states in a controlled and non-invasive

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Purdue researchers create biosensor that simultaneously records, makes images of tissues and organs

A fully printable biosensor made of soft bio-inks interfaces with a pig heart. Research about the biosensor, developed by researchers at Purdue University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been