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Researchers make big progress towards building synthetic kidney

Novel kidney organoid recapitulating the patterned distribution of principal cells (red) and intercalated cells (green) of an adult kidney’s collecting duct system. Credit: Zipeng Zeng/Li Lab A group of scientists

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First 3D super-resolution image of dendritic spines captured by Yale researchers

Deep tissue imaging is possible with the new STED technology, which displays the internal movements of neurons. Researchers have created a novel microscopy technique that can see subcellular structures in

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Promising ovarian cancer treatment proves effective and efficient

Preclinical trials of a new radiopharmaceutical for the treatment of ovarian cancer have shown promising results, with tumor growth and mass significantly reduced after use. The new radiopharmaceutical, which is

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Harvard researchers say blood tests can indicate the best exercise regimen for you

Physiological responses to exercise can be highly variable and, until now, unpredictable. According to an interesting new study involving over 650 men and women, the levels of particular proteins in

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A breakthrough in the physics of blood clotting

According to new study, published in the journal Biomaterials by Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University modeling the dynamics at play during clot contraction, a still poorly understood phase

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Language recovery in stroke patients can now be predicted using computer models of the brain

A group of researchers at Boston University are trying to figure out how the brain processes language and speech, as well as how to effectively rehabilitate those who have lost