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New UC Berkeley study shows strong link between cell phone radiation and brain tumors

Experts advise setting the phone to airplane mode while not in use, which disables cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Instead of holding the phone up to your head when talking on

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Study finds artificial sweeteners alter healthy gut bacteria to be pathogenic

The new study is the first to show that some of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners have pathogenic effects on two types of gut bacteria, E. coli (Escherichia coli)

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DNA damage triggered by diets rich in red meat found in colorectal cancer patients

The study discovered a unique mutational signature—a pattern that had never been seen previously but was indicative of a form of DNA damage known as “alkylation.” Although it is common

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Researchers make big progress towards building synthetic kidney

Novel kidney organoid recapitulating the patterned distribution of principal cells (red) and intercalated cells (green) of an adult kidney’s collecting duct system. Credit: Zipeng Zeng/Li Lab A group of scientists

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New treatment stops progression of Alzheimer’s disease in monkey brains

According to a new study, a novel medication causes immune defense cells to swallow malformed proteins, amyloid beta plaques, and tau tangles, which are known to damage surrounding brain cells

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Promising ovarian cancer treatment proves effective and efficient

Preclinical trials of a new radiopharmaceutical for the treatment of ovarian cancer have shown promising results, with tumor growth and mass significantly reduced after use. The new radiopharmaceutical, which is