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Sensors developed that can detect the electrical activity of a single cardiac cell

The first-of-its-kind nanotechnology is capable of measuring signals within individual cells, as well as between cells. The device even found that signals moving within individual cardiac cells move nearly five

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New study suggests apoB/apoA-1 ratio as an accurate marker for cardiovascular disease

Patients with the highest apoB/apoA-1 levels had a 70% increased risk of severe cardiovascular disease. Overall, the findings suggest that the apoB/apoA-1 ratio is a superior marker for identifying more

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Newly discovered cell believed to regulate heart rate

According to a new study, nexus glial cells in the heart help control heart rate and drive cardiac cell maturation in the embryo. (Photo: A cross-section of the heart tissue

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Viagra analog found to reduce obesity without caloric intake reduction

The Johns Hopkins research team found that the drug, a “cousin” to Viagra, reduced the groups median body weight by -27.5% in female mice and -19.5% in male mice. Obesity

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Plant-based diets associated with significantly lower cardiovascular risk, according to new meta-analysis

New research shows that diets consisting of larger amounts of plant-based foods are associated with a markedly lower cardiovascular risk. Those who consumed large amounts of vegetables (400g) were associated

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Newly developed exosome spray promotes myocardial tissue regeneration

In the post-injury heart, a newly developed exosome spray (EXOS) improved cardiac function, reduced fibrosis, and boosted endogenous myocardial tissue regeneration. Cardiac regenerative medicine has the ability to heal damaged