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Findings from cardiac atrophy study sets course for preventing harm during space travel

The new results are a significant step forward in the long battle to prevent, or even cure cardiac atrophy, which can cause fatal heart failure when the body spends a

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Some blood pressure lowering medications linked to better cognitive function in older adults

Even though they had a higher risk of vascular disease, older people who used blood pressure-lowering drugs that crossed the blood-brain barrier had better memory recall for up to three

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Purdue researchers create biosensor that simultaneously records, makes images of tissues and organs

A fully printable biosensor made of soft bio-inks interfaces with a pig heart. Research about the biosensor, developed by researchers at Purdue University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been

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Plant-based diet effective in protecting against hypertension, preeclampsia

New studies have found that rats trained to become hypertensive on a high-salt diet appeared to greatly benefit from a plant-based diet. When rats get pregnant, the whole grain diet