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Recently discovered hormone, fabkin, may play important role in the development of diabetes

The Harvard research team demonstrated that the newly found hormone, fabkin, targets the pancreas’ insulin-producing beta cells and is a driving element in the development of diabetes. After using an

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New study suggests apoB/apoA-1 ratio as an accurate marker for cardiovascular disease

Patients with the highest apoB/apoA-1 levels had a 70% increased risk of severe cardiovascular disease. Overall, the findings suggest that the apoB/apoA-1 ratio is a superior marker for identifying more

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Viagra analog found to reduce obesity without caloric intake reduction

The Johns Hopkins research team found that the drug, a “cousin” to Viagra, reduced the groups median body weight by -27.5% in female mice and -19.5% in male mice. Obesity

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New technology assesses diabetes risk by measuring fat around heart

The AI software can effectively recognize the amount of fat surrounding the heart in MRI images, as well as assess a patient’s diabetes risk, according to the researchers. A team

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Tiny implant cures diabetes in mice without triggering immune response

Diabetes specialists and biomedical engineers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Cornell University have shown that they can implant insulin-secreting cells into diabetic rats using a

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Diabetes vaccine shows promise in early trial, helps to preserve body’s insulin in certain patients

A vaccine trial for type 1 diabetes helped sustain the body’s natural insulin production in a small, early research study, particularly in a group of recently diagnosed individuals. Injecting the