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Overconsumption of fructose increases gut surface and nutrient absorption

According to a new study, eating fructose causes cells in the digestive tract to change in a way that allows it to take in more nutrients. These alterations could explain

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Plant-based diets associated with significantly lower cardiovascular risk, according to new meta-analysis

New research shows that diets consisting of larger amounts of plant-based foods are associated with a markedly lower cardiovascular risk. Those who consumed large amounts of vegetables (400g) were associated

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Research suggests intestinal bacteria helps prevent tumors

The microbiome is believed to play a role in the development of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, trigger diabetes, produce obesity, and even cause neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s

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Study finds artificial sweeteners alter healthy gut bacteria to be pathogenic

The new study is the first to show that some of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners have pathogenic effects on two types of gut bacteria, E. coli (Escherichia coli)

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Changing from a high-fat western diet to a balanced diet could reduce skin and joint inflammation

According to the researchers, a Western diet appears to be sufficient to cause microbial imbalance and enhance sensitivity to IL-23-mediated psoriasis-like skin inflammation. According to a study headed by UC

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DNA damage triggered by diets rich in red meat found in colorectal cancer patients

The study discovered a unique mutational signature—a pattern that had never been seen previously but was indicative of a form of DNA damage known as “alkylation.” Although it is common