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Researchers develop implant that restores tactile sensation to damaged nerves

The novel device is an implant that turns touch into voltage, which is transmitted to healthy sensory nerves in accordance to the amount of pressure given to the device. (Photo

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Pathway blockage found to be major cause of Parkinson’s Disease

The mitochondria in the cells of the brain are damaged by an obstruction on a key pathway, the type 1 interferon-pathway. This causes neurons to die slowly, which causes Parkinson’s

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Researchers find blue light alters metabolism during sleep

Researchers exposed 10 men to LED, OLED, or dim light for four hours before sleeping in a metabolic chamber. During sleep, the researchers examined energy expenditure, core body temperature, fat

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Researchers use fMRI to reveal brain region involved in extraordinary memory of ‘superagers’

While the participants were in the scanner, the researchers focused their attention on the visual cortex, the portion of the brain that processes what you see and is particularly sensitive

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New UC Berkeley study shows strong link between cell phone radiation and brain tumors

Experts advise setting the phone to airplane mode while not in use, which disables cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Instead of holding the phone up to your head when talking on

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Psychedelics promote growth of neural connections that have been lost due to depression

The researchers observed an increase in the number and size of dendritic spines after 24 hours of psilocybin administration. The alterations were still visible a month later. Furthermore, after being