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Fibromyalgia found to most likely be caused by autoimmune disorder

The study found that Fibromyalgia is an immune system disease rather than a neurological dysfunction, as previously thought. Patients with fibromyalgia antibodies cause greater pain sensitivity, muscular weakness, decreased mobility,

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Researchers discover new type of memory cells in the brain specific to facial recognition

A Rockefeller University research group discovered a new type of neuron that relates facial perception to long-term memory. The newly discovered neurons form a community of cells that collectively recall

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Some blood pressure lowering medications linked to better cognitive function in older adults

Even though they had a higher risk of vascular disease, older people who used blood pressure-lowering drugs that crossed the blood-brain barrier had better memory recall for up to three

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Researchers develop urine test capable of early detection of brain tumors with 97% accuracy

Researchers from Nagoya University discovered that microRNAs in urine might be a useful biomarker for diagnosing brain cancers in a recent study. Their findings, which were published in the journal

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Researchers show brain states can be controlled using light

This novel chemically constructed tool enables researchers to use direct light to induce and examine the transitions of the brain from sleep to awake-like states in a controlled and non-invasive

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New treatment stops progression of Alzheimer’s disease in monkey brains

According to a new study, a novel medication causes immune defense cells to swallow malformed proteins, amyloid beta plaques, and tau tangles, which are known to damage surrounding brain cells