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Viagra analog found to reduce obesity without caloric intake reduction

The Johns Hopkins research team found that the drug, a “cousin” to Viagra, reduced the groups median body weight by -27.5% in female mice and -19.5% in male mice. Obesity

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No association found between epidural analgesia during labor and risk of autism spectrum disorders

The researchers found that after assessing 388,254 children and mothers included in the cohort, no relationship between epidural use and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) was found. According to a recently

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Largest randomized-controlled trial of amoxicillin for treating chest infections in children finds no significant improvement

The study found that there was only a small, non-significant difference between the two groups, with a reduction in the duration of symptoms in the antibiotic group of 13%. According

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Artificial intelligence developed that finds disease targets and predicts a drug’s chances of FDA approval

Researchers have developed a new method of looking for disease targets using artificial intelligence, which then forecasts whether or not a treatment will be authorized by the FDA. In its

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Ivermectin use has no effect on COVID-19 hospitalizations, according to randomized-controlled trial results

Researchers determined that ivermectin had no significant impact on preventing COVID-19 patients from being admitted to the hospital in a recent study presenting the findings of a randomized-controlled trial. Since

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Psychedelics promote growth of neural connections that have been lost due to depression

The researchers observed an increase in the number and size of dendritic spines after 24 hours of psilocybin administration. The alterations were still visible a month later. Furthermore, after being