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MIT researchers find naps may be more beneficial than increasing night-time sleep

The researchers found that adding 30-minutes of sleep to one’s nightly routine had no meaningful impact on general well-being or work performance. However, the results indicated that taking a 30-minute

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Genetically-predisposed ‘morning people’ adjust to daylight savings time faster

The so-called “early birds,” who are normally early risers in the morning, acclimated to the hour advance of daylight savings within a few days, according to the study. It took

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Researchers find blue light alters metabolism during sleep

Researchers exposed 10 men to LED, OLED, or dim light for four hours before sleeping in a metabolic chamber. During sleep, the researchers examined energy expenditure, core body temperature, fat

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New position statement emphasizes sleep is essential to health, should have a ‘prominent place’ in K-12 education

The statement highlights the significance of sleep for the health and well-being of children, adolescents, and adults. According to the statement, sleep education should be emphasized in K-12 and college

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Listening to music near bedtime can disrupt sleep, new research says

Most individuals listen to music throughout the day, especially around their bedtime. Is it possible, though, that this could affect your sleep? When sleep researcher Michael Scullin, Ph.D., associate professor