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Inhalation-based vaccinations shown to provide long-lasting protection against SARS-CoV-2

The inhalation-based vaccine showed to be equally as effective as currently used COVID-19 vaccinations, at fractions of the current dose. Researchers from McMaster University have demonstrated that an inhalation-based COVID-19

COVID-19, COVID-19 news, Immunology, Medical News, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccine studies
Antiviral pill reduces the risk of hospitalization or death due to COVID-19 by 50%

At the time of the analysis, 7.3% of molnupiravir-treated patients were hospitalized or died by Day 29, compared to 14.1% of placebo-treated patients who were hospitalized or died in the

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Vaccine antibody levels shown to significantly decrease after two months

Over 600 people of various ages, genders, and clinical vulnerabilities were studied by the researchers. According to the study, antibody levels decreased from 7506 U/mL to 3320 U/mL for Pfizer,

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Computer-model shows mRNA vaccine provides an extra 7.4 days of life when faced with post-infection complications

According to the model, if a 65-year-old patient experiences long-term post-infection problems and has received the mRNA vaccination (Pfizer or Moderna), they would live, on average, 7.4 days longer than

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Azithromycin shown to be ineffective in treating COVID-19

In the randomized clinical trial, there was no significant difference in symptom absence 14 days after drug administration between individuals given azithromycin and the placebo. Furthermore, the azithromycin group visited

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EMA official suggests doing away with AstraZeneca jab

In an interview published Sunday, a top official from the European Medicines Agency suggested it would be worth abandoning AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccination for all age groups if alternatives are available.