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People previously hospitalized due to COVID-19 show significant decreases in cognition

According to a new study, people who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 showed a substantial decrease in cognitive function, with those being hospitalized showing a 7-point decrease in IQ, on

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Overconsumption of fructose increases gut surface and nutrient absorption

According to a new study, eating fructose causes cells in the digestive tract to change in a way that allows it to take in more nutrients. These alterations could explain

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Net worth at midlife inversely associated with mortality, cohort study finds

According to a new cohort study of 5414 people, those who had a higher net worth by midlife had a considerably lower risk of mortality over the next 24 years. Sociologists have long been

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Scientists expect surge in RSV in young children due to pandemic lockdowns

Children may be more susceptible to RSV since most pregnant women and babies did not develop immunity during the previous season. As COVID-19 cases have declined and public health measures

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UN study confirms relationship between pollution-related deaths and areas at highest risk for climate change impacts

In a study of risk estimates of climate change impact and toxic emissions, Notre Dame researchers identified a statistically significant link between the spatial distribution of global climate risk and

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Researchers find blue light alters metabolism during sleep

Researchers exposed 10 men to LED, OLED, or dim light for four hours before sleeping in a metabolic chamber. During sleep, the researchers examined energy expenditure, core body temperature, fat