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First-ever link found between asthma in toddlers and prenatal exposure to air pollution

According to a new study, infants whose mothers have been exposed to greater amounts of small air pollution particles during pregnancy are more likely to develop asthma as toddlers. In

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International research team increased life expectancy of mice by an average of 30%, uncover important aging mechanism

Aging is associated with reductions in general health and increased frailty, as well as being a key risk factor for a variety of chronic illnesses. To promote the development of

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University of Sydney researchers find obesity worsens liver-damaging effects of alcohol

A new study led by the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, examined medical data from nearly half a million people and discovered that being overweight or obese

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Testing lab asks FDA to recall 78 sunscreens after finding high levels of cancer-causing chemical

Valisure LLC, a pharmacy that also does independent product testing, has recently petitioned the FDA to adopt stronger guidelines addressing the presence of benzene in sunscreen products. The pharmacy claims

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Immediate skin-to-skin contact with unstable newborns improves chances of survival

In newborns with a very low birth weight, continuous skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery, even before the baby has been stabilized, can lower mortality by 25%. This is according to

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Pfizer & Moderna: Covid vaccine ‘100% effective’ in teens according to CDC guidelines

Pfizer recently released updated topline findings from an examination of 927 confirmed symptomatic COVID-19 cases seen in their pivotal Phase 3 investigation, observed through March 13, 2021, revealing that the