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‘Night-Mode’ Has No Effect On Sleep, Study Finds

PROVO, Utah — Does staring into a smartphone screen not only hurt your eyes, but then keep you up all night? That pesky blue light digital screens emit can be a real problem for human health, which led tech giants to create Night Shift. Although this feature is supposed to help users sleep better, a new study finds that’s not the case. Researchers from Brigham Young University say sleep quality among smartphone users is no different with or without Night Shift on.

Previous studies point to blue light from digital devices disrupting melatonin levels and sleep cycles. To address this, Apple introduced Night Shift to iOS in 2016. The program adjusts a user’s screen colors to display warmer hues after sunset. Android phones quickly developed their own night modes to address complaints about smartphone light affecting sleep.

Until now, however, claims that Night Shift really improves sleep over regular cell phone use had been theoretical. The put these claims to the test, researchers compared sleep outcomes among three groups. The first two either used their phones at night with or without Night Shift activated. The third group did not use a smartphone before bed at all.

“In the whole sample, there were no differences across the three groups,” says BYU’s Chad Jensen in a university release. “Night Shift is not superior to using your phone without Night Shift or even using no phone at all.”

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