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What Time To Stop Drinking Coffee For Better Sleep

(CNN)Many of us start our days the same way: with a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine is as much a part of our routine as brushing our teeth or getting dressed for the day.Maybe your habit extends to a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or you have a soda with your dinner. And maybe as a result, you laid in bed awake later thinking of where you went wrong instead of getting needed sleep.

Rob M. van Dam, a researcher in epidemiology and nutrition from the National University of Singapore, explains when to wisely consume caffeine, what qualifies as too much and what to know about why it affects each of us differently.

CNN: How do we know when it’s time to stop drinking coffee during the day so we can still get a good night’s sleep?

Rob van Dam: That sounds like a simple question, but unfortunately there’s not one answer to it. And that’s because different people react very differently to caffeine.

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